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The purpose of this website is first, to be a place where information about the painter Jan Brueghel can be gathered, shared, and debated among scholars; second, to provide ways of furthering our understanding of how Brueghel and his studio produced this vast, complex body of work; and third, to be resource for any visitor who is interested in the artist’s works.

Our starting-point is a database compiled in 1998-2010 by Dr. Elizabeth Honig of U. C. Berkeley, referred to on the object pages as “Honig database.” The database contained entries on over 560 paintings that were either attributed to Brueghel in Klaus Ertz’s 1979 catalogue raisonnée, or had been on the art market since 1979 and seemed likely to be genuine works, or were recorded in photographs at either the RKD (The Hague) or the Rubenianum (Antwerp). Honig made provisional judgements about whether these works were authentic, studio works, or produced by imitators outside Brueghel’s immediate orbit. She also listed under these main paintings hundreds more copies and variants, mostly known from photographs at the RKD, that were definitely not autograph works by Brueghel. All of her basic catalogued paintings, many of their secondary copies, and others published in Klaus Ertz’s updated monograph (2008-2010), have their own pages in this wiki, so that we can consider questions of authenticity and interrelations among the multitude of works that have some claim to be associated with Brueghel.

Please note that as with any wiki-based site, ours is a work constantly in progress. New material is added frequently. As of our official launch, most paintings pages have been built and about half are reasonably complete. About half of the drawings pages have been built.


  • Elizabeth Alice Honig, Associate Professor, University of California, Berkeley: art historian, editor, organizer
  • Nina Amenta, Professor, University of California, Davis: computer science
  • Katherine Steiner, University of San Francisco: site designer
  • Angela Hong: Design and technical assistance
  • Julie Turgeon: site manager, image researcher
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  • Ashley Gonik: bibliographer
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  • Emily Domanico: page builder, Pieter Bruegel paintings
  • Benjamin Rodgers: Jan Brueghel assistant
  • Tristan Brody: Iconclass researcher
  • Ashley Jerbic: biographer, Pieter the Younger specialist
  • Cecily Manson: biographer
  • Jenny Wu: biblographer
  • Jennifer Tanji: keywords assistant
  • Ye Seon Lee: technical assistant


  • Louisa Wood Ruby, Frick Art Reference Library: drawings
  • Mark Meadow, University of California, Santa Barbara: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
  • Bert Watteuw, Rubenianum


  • Christine Quach, UCB & Courtauld Institute: site manager, page builder, landscape specialist
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