Disclaimer: Attribution

This website is not meant to be an authority on questions of attribution. We invite users to add differing opinions, with an explanation of those opinions, on the “discussion” pages for each work. On the main pages, we have tried to report the opinions of other authorities: websites of museums with dedicated Flemish drawings curators (for Jan Brueghel drawings) or published catalogue raisonnés (for the work of Pieter Bruegel).

Only for the paintings of Jan Brueghel do we enter our own judgement as well as that of the published catalogue by Klaus Ertz. Our categories are as follows:

  • Jan Brueghel the Elder: we have seen this work, a high-res image of it, or a document that makes us reasonably certain that it was the work of Jan Brueghel himself.
  • Produced in Jan Brueghel’s Studio: a very broad category. It may include works in which Jan’s participation was significant, but also works done entirely by assistants using his studio materials. It may include works made by Jan Brueghel the Younger either before or after his father’s death, if Jan the Elder’s original materials were employed. Notes on the discussion pages often say approximately where in this spectrum we think the work falls. These comments are suggestions and are open to disagreement and correction.
  • Produced Outside Jan Brueghel’s Studio: we feel that this work is distant from Jan’s orbit – it was not produced by him or even by assistants directly using his studio materials.