Figures and a Wagon near an Inn

General Info

Object Type: 



15.5 x 33 cm


Medium Remarks: 

Offprint in brown oil, framing lines with the pen in brown ink


Support Marks: 

Collector's marks: W. Mayor (L.2799), F.W. Koenigs (L.1023a)

Further Inscription: 

Watermark: Postal horn (stretched) in a shield (fragment, possibly the shield had a housemark below; 50x40mm, PP27mm, on P3-4 from the right, on the upper right edge; vH, 14P, fine, plano horizontally cut in halves, then cropped), somewhat similar to Heawood 2686-2691 (England 1680-1695), none of this subtype in Briquet

Location/Last Sold: 

Rotterdam, Netherlands, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, N 19 (PK)
Bailey/Walker cat. #ROTT.MB.12